Hand Car Wash

“Plaunu pats” offers a wide range of stationary car washing and cleaning equipment. Apart from stationary self-service vacuum cleaners, glass cleaner dispensers, wipe dispensers, self-service car wash equipment and automatic car wash equipment, “Plaunu pats” also offers completely tailor-made solutions. What should be chosen, what should be used? How many vacuum-cleaners? One, two or more? Should a “carousel unit” be installed? Where? On the wall, ceiling, or with an automatic reel? Each project is unique, thus, we cannot always apply standard solutions. We are ready to assist you in finding an efficient and cheap solution.

Separately built in “Interpump group” a/ pressure pumps make the washing process possible under the pressure of 100-250 bar or over. The pumps are installed on a separate frame (there are no separate covering parts, design elements, etc.), and this allows to economize and to purchase more durable equipment. Such-like decisions are also appropriate for other washing-cleaning purposes: in agriculture, construction business, etc.

Equipment provided by the company “DiBO Benelux” are suitable for car washes as well as other washing-cleaning purposes, because some of them are manufactured with autonomic (petrol or diesel) engines. Other equipment can wash even under the pressure of up to 500 bar (!).

“In case you want to set-up your own car wash, or already run a car wash company and need any assistance, or if you simply need proper car washing services, please contact us, and we will give you a helping hand!”