Textile car wash

This car wash was named after special textile washing “curtains” and a conveyor which pushes or pulls an automobile forward or backward, respectively. The equipment of this car wash, like many other ideas, have been developed and improved by “Hanna carwash systems Inc.” engineers and specialists over the period of 60 years. The Company “Hanna carwash systems Inc.” holds over 400 different car wash equipment patents. Each part of the “textile curtains” may be used for washing a car almost an unlimited number of times. The main features distinguishing the “textile curtains” from ordinary (polymeric PE or the new generation CARLITE) brushes include a sustainable wear of textile, and the fact that during the wash with detergents it washes itself, thus it is always clean.

Furthermore, each textile “gate” is used for washing different parts of the surface of a car, and their complex improves the overall car washing quality as well as speeds up the washing process. The “washing curtains”, moving to different directions, wash the surface of a car without scratches; meanwhile, a car-roof antenna, roof-rack, ski-rack, etc., do not prevent the “vertical curtains” (HSS Mitter) from washing the roof of a car.

  • Hanna

    A car wash may have a built-in line from 15 meters to up to 20-30 meters and longer (AUDI Manufacturing plant is equipped with two 54-meter-length lines, which can wash up to 210 cars per hour). Such-like equipment may also be found in BMW, Toyota, Dymler Chrysler and other car-making companies and their representative agencies world-wide.