About Us

"Plaunu pats" - it is the largest self-service car wash network in Lithuania. Established in 1999, currently brings together over 15 car wash Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Panevezys, Utena, Alytus and Siauliai.

Without a doubt, one of the great features of the image - it's clean and tidy car. The slogan "cheap, fast and convenient" became the main "Plaunu pats" principle of work, requiring the provision of high-speed, high-quality and cost of services of all car owners. Constant quality and maintenance, customer focus and enjoyable communication - are the main reasons why it is worth to visit us.

In development of car wash services in Lithuania, UAB Plaunu pats" for the drivers are already offering to wash cars not only self-service car washes, but the hand wash , automatic and textile - conveyor washes. The company successfully cooperates with foreign car wash equipment manufacturers and companies providing cleaning services. "Plaunu pats" helps prepare washing service projects, consults, performs work, supplying equipment, spare parts and sells detergents.

For your convenience, we sell and liquefied gas for cars.
Currently, there are seven of LPG gas station:
Vilnius - Kauno str. 26; Savanorių pr. 16 , Subačiaus str. 64, Justiniškių str. 14B (open 24h);
Panevezys - Margirio str. 1;
Alytus - Likiškėlių str. 104D;
Siauliai - Dubijos str. 18A.

"If you want to own the car washes, if you already have a car wash and need help, or if you just want to wash your car, contact us and we'll help you!"